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Look with your eyes, not with your hands,

Five finger discounts are not accepted here.

I reserve the right to treat you as a Non-Paying Customer. 

Do not bother with me or my store, or my family if you are looking to start trouble or anyone I claim to know, OR, if so, I wish you go and kill yourself. This is a Just in case Curse on you. Know it.

It is a Curse.

I am the only one able to remove that curse on you.

Know if you just read it, It was already cast on you.

I play with Magic and always will. Tech too.

I wrote a Guide on Wowhead.com For World of Warcraft too.

Here is the link to it. You might have to Copy and paste.  https://www.wowhead.com/guide=5282


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My Prices are the prices that I placed, you will have to deal with Blizzard, from now on. Blizzard and Disney.

Not Me.

Enjoy the eye candy that you see and find in my store.

<--- Oh, by the way, That is Christie on the left with one of my hats.

She was happy to get one of my hats.



The Pirate King

I was outed to the world as a Bad Man. I am a Good Man and always have been.

Whatever happens to people is not my problem.

I do as I please and always will because I always have.

No one will be able to do anything about it ever.

It is in my Contract.

And all contracts are mine. Everything is mine.

I am the only one that was and is able to pick anything up.

And you can not do anything about it. No one can.

And I am No one.

The one that matters.

And my contract is signed. - George Carreno - The Pirate King.

Look at Me! I'm Eye Candy!

<---- That is me on the left.

..!..0.0..!..  <- My Digital Fuck You... :)